The Crime Branch has been requested to take legal action against Maulana Mohammad Saad and other Markaz officials.

New Delhi: Nizamuddin police station SHO Mukesh Walia on Thursday (April 2) lodged an FIR against Tablighi Jamaat followers of Markaz for not following lockdown orders, including social distancing, hand sanitizers and wearing the mask, with the Crime Branch of Delhi Police.

The complaint stated that despite persuading the Markaz followers several times they did not listen to the SHO. As many as 7 people from Markaz have been booked for violating the lockdown orders, and despite the government’s order, more than 50 people remained at one place in the building, the FIR stated.

On March 21, the Delhi Police had contacted the Markaz and Mufti Shahzad and explained to them about coronavirus asking them to act immediately and send foreigners back to their country. They were also asked to persuade others to go back to their homes but they did not listen.

The police also found audio of Maulana Mohammad Saad, who heads the Tablighi Jamaat, through WhatsApp in which he is heard asking his followers not to obey the lockdown orders and remain at the Markaz.

On March 24, when the government issued an order for complete lockdown in the country, a meeting was held at Nizamuddin police station, which was attended by Mohammad Ashraf, Mohammad Shahzad, Dr Zeeshan, Murshlin Saifi, Mohammad Salman, M Yunus, and Maulana Mohammad Saad. They were asked to follow the lockdown rules of social distancing, but the Markaz officials did not inform either to the health department or to any government agency about how many people were present at the Markaz building.

They deliberately violated the lockdown orders and did not respond to the Nizamuddin SHO’s notice sent to them on March 28.

Markaz was inspected by the SDM Defence Colony, on March 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, where about 1300 people were present including many foreigners. They were living in the same area without following any social distancing. No one was using masks or sanitizers, as Markaz officials did not make available these things to the members present there putting in danger the lives so many people amid coronavirus outbreak, the complaint said.

The Crime Branch has been requested to take legal action against Maulana Mohammad Saad and other Markaz officials.