New Delhi: Amid the recent reports of violent attacks on temples and minorities in Bangladesh, the ISKCON management on Monday (October 18) made an appeal to the government to punish the “criminals behind these murderous attacks” and ensure the safety of the minorities.

In a letter addressed to the Bangladesh government, ISKCON said that the attacks on Hindu temples and communities must be stopped.

“Between October 13 and 15, multiple temples, homes, shops and individuals were attacked across several districts of the country. Several innocent members of the Hindu minority were killed for no reason other than their religious affiliation. Temples and private properties were burned, vandalized, and destroyed,” said ISKCON in a statement.

“Bring to justice the perpetrators of these recent terrible crimes. The criminals behind these murderous attacks must be held accountable and punished to the fullest extent of the law,” the organisation demanded.

“Take immediate, tangible, and substantial steps to provide security to minorities in Bangladesh, including Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists,” it added.

The religious body expressed shock and sadness at the recent attacks.

“With heavy hearts we pray for the souls of two of our own Vaishnava devotees, Pranta Chandra das, and Jatan Chandra Saha, who were murdered during these attacks. We also pray for ISKCON member Nimai Chandra das, who remains hospitalized in a critical condition,” it said.

It thanked PM Sheikh Hasina for her recent statements in support of the Hindu community.

“ISKCON calls upon the Bangladesh government to take swift action to bring an end to the violence against minorities that has undermined the peace and well being of Bangladeshi society and to take tangible steps to ensure the long-term safety and well-being of all Bangladeshi citizens,” noted ISKCON.

The organization said that protests are being planned across Bangladesh and other parts of the world in support of Bangladeshi Hindus and other minorities.

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