A report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) puts Tripura on top of all states in the Northeastern region of the country in terms of political conflicts with 0.5 percent crimes per lakh people in the category against 0.1 percent rate of political conflicts in Arunachal Pradesh and ‘zero’ cases of political conflict registered in the last year in the other states.

The report titled ‘Crime in India 2020’ published by the NCRB recently, showed 829 cases of rioting in the section of offenses against public tranquillity in Assam against 83 cases of the category in Tripura, 60 in Manipur, 10 in Arunachal Pradesh, two in Meghalaya and one each in Sikkim and Mizoram. No such cases were registered in Nagaland last year.

These cases of rioting include 22 cases of political conflicts registered in Tripura as claimed in the report. However, apart from Arunachal Pradesh, which has one such case registered there, no other state of the NE region has any case of political conflict registered with them.

Tripura has, however, fared well in terms of communal and religious violence. Under the section of cases of communal or religious violence, Assam recorded 17 cases, followed by Arunachal Pradesh, which has got six cases. No other NE state had any case of communal violence registered last year as per the report.

Meanwhile, Manipur Was the only state to record five cases of sectarian conflicts in 2020 among all the NE states.

As per the NCRB report, “A total of 71,107 cases of offences against public tranquillity were registered under various sections of IPC during 2020, out of which rioting (51,606 cases) accounted for 72.61% of total such cases. The cases of offences against public tranquillity have increased by 12.4% in 2020 over 2019 (63,262 cases).”

Among other sections, Tripura is in the second place in the NE in terms of murder, attempt to murder, road accidents, cases of medical negligence, dowry related deaths, rape cases. As per the NCRB report, Assam saw 1,131 rape cases registered last year, followed by 114 cases in Tripura, 79 cases in Meghalaya, 46 cases in Manipur, 45 cases in Arunachal Pradesh, 28 in Mizoram, 25 cases in Nagaland and 11 cases in Sikkim.

As many as 2,472 cases of road accidents were registered in Assam, followed by 179 cases in Tripura, 112 cases in Manipur, 107 cases in Meghalaya, 55 cases in Arunachal Pradesh, 34 cases in Mizoram, 30 cases in Nagaland and 24 cases in Sikkim.

Nine cases of medical negligence were registered in Assam, followed by two cases in Tripura. No other NE state had any such case registered as per the report.

Assam had 148 cases of dowry deaths registered last year, followed by 23 cases in Tripura and one case each in Manipur, Nagaland and Meghalaya. No dowry deaths were registered in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Sikkim.

As many as 1,316 cases of attempt to murder were registered in Assam, followed by 117 cases in Tripura, 109 cases in Manipur, 58 cases in Meghalaya, followed by 37 cases in Arunachal Pradesh, 24 cases in Nagaland, 10 in Mizoram and seven in Sikkim.

Assam tops NE states in terms of rape cases with 1,657 cases registered as per the report, followed by 79 cases in Tripura, 67 cases in Meghalaya, 60 cases in Arunachal Pradesh, 33 cases in Mizoram, 32 cases in Manipur, 12 cases in Sikkim and four cases in Nagaland.

In kidnapping and abduction, Tripura stands second with 127 cases after Assam which had 6,934 cases registered in the category last year. They were followed by Meghalaya with 91 cases, 81 cases in Manipur, 78 cases in Arunachal Pradesh, 32 cases in Sikkim, 24 cases in Nagaland and three cases registered in Mizoram.

However, Tripura has fared well in terms of culpable homicides, sedition, offenses against the state, kidnapping for ransom, wrongful restraint, human trafficking among other cases.

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