New Delhi: The two German Shepherd who mauled a lawyer in an upscale neighbourhood in Pakistan, Khyaban-e-Rahat, DHA Phase-VI were put down with lethal injections as per the agreement between the pets’ owner, Humayun Khan, and the victim, Mirza Akhtar Ali.

The incident occurred when Ali was out on a morning walk last month.

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CCTV in the area captured the attack which shows the dog pouncing the lawyer it was only after Khan’s son intervened that the dogs let go of Mirza Ali who was left badly injured and bleeding despite all efforts of the handlers to pull the dogs away.

According to the Tribune report, in the notarised report, the lawyer agreed for the sake of God to forgive Khan. The main clause within the agreement shared by the Tribune is that both the dogs involved in the attack will be euthanized immediately and if Khan has other dogs he has to give them away. 

According to a Tribune report, rights activists call the agreement between the two parties preposterous.

Another condition of the agreement states that the dog owner will register any other canines with the Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC) and not let out any other pet dog onto the street unless they are with a “properly trained handler”, leashed and muzzled.

The final clause is a donation of Rs 1 million to a local animal shelter. 

Reacting to the incident, the animal rescue NGO – Creatures Comfort – SASCAP (Strays Animals Safety and Caring Aid Providers) in a series of tweets stated that there were many other ways to deal with the situation. 

The group stated how trainers had confirmed that ‘the dogs were not mentally ill. However, the incident that occurred could have been handled in a million ways starting from the rescuer communities that offered to help’.


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