In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Canada has postponed the flights coming from India till next month. Although it has not been formally announced, it is expected that a formal announcement will be made in this regard after Monday.

An official said that the Government of India has already been informed in this regard. The Canadian Government first banned flights coming from India on 22 April. This ban was implemented for the next 30 days.

The ban on flights from India on May 21 was extended by another month as Covid-19 cases continued to rise in India. The flight ban will expire tomorrow. It is expected that flights coming from India to Canada will be banned for another month. 

Pressure on Justin Trudeau’s Government

It is understood that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under heavy pressure to stop the flight as Delta variants have been found in many Covid-19 infected patients in Canada, which is believed to have been originated in India.

In the light of the increasing cases of infection in Canada, many provincial governments are also pressurizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canada temporarily banned the flight after the Covid-19 cases increased in India in April. Halfway through May, the cases of covid-19 in India started decreasing. Despite this, Canada again banned the arrival of Indian flights into its border for a month in May. 

Two thousand cases of Delta variants

Although the Delta variant of Covid-19 became widely prevalent in the world, Canadian health officials have warned that the Delta variant has the potential to spread 150 percent more infections. Canadian media is informing that the Delta variant was first found in India. And so far, 2000 people have become victims of this variant in Canada. A report said the number of corona patients suffering from delta variants in the first week was 1187. It has increased by two-thirds in just one week. 

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