The priority of the government is to make the COVID-19 vaccine available for everyone, asserted Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asserted that Centre’s priority is to make COVID-19 vaccine available for all, adding that states should put in place a necessary mechanism, including for cold storage. PM Modi held a virtual meeting with chief ministers over the COVID-19 situation and Union Home Minister Amit Shah also participated.

Speaking on the approach towards the coronavirus, PM Modi said that after witnessing good recovery rates from the deadly virus, many think it is weak and they’ll recover soon. This has led to rampant carelessness, he added.

He stated, “Those working on vaccine are doing it but we need to focus on ensuring that people are alert and transmission is curbed. We’ve to bring positivity rate under five per cent.”

The PM asserted that as a result of joint efforts, India is in a better situation than other countries when it comes to recovery and fatality rates.

Speaking on the progress of vaccine, PM Modi said, “Government is keeping a track of each development in vaccine development. We are in touch with Indian vaccine developers and manufacturers. We are also in touch with global regulators, governments of other countries, multinational organisations and international companies.”

“Safety is as important as speed for us, whichever vaccine India will give to its citizens will be safe on all scientific standards. Vaccine distribution strategy will be chalked out in collective coordination with states. States must also start working cold storage facilities,” he added.

He further added, “This mission of coronavirus vaccination of each citizen is like a national commitment. Each state and stakeholder has to work as a team to ensure that this mission is systematic, smooth and a sustained effort. I urge states to send detailed plans soon on how they plan to take the vaccine to the lowest levels. It’ll help us in making decisions as your experiences are valuable. I hope for your pro-active participation. Vaccine work is ongoing but I request you there should be no carelessness.”

“The states are required to establish cold storage facilities for COVID19 vaccine. It is not certain whether there will be one, two or three doses of a vaccine. It is also not decided what will be the price of the vaccine. We still don’t have answers to these questions,” clarified PM Modi.

He added, “It’s yet not decided which vaccine will cost how much? Though two India-based vaccines are at the forefront, we’re working with global firms also. Few people react to vaccines after years, this is possible in this case also. So a decision needs to be taken on a scientific basis.”

“There is also a focus on making oxygen and ventilators available. We are trying to make the medical colleges and district hospitals self-sufficient in oxygen generation. Efforts underway to establish more than 160 oxygen generation plants in the country,” stated PM Modi.

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