Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary, Union Health Ministry, said that during the festival season, cases have increased in Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Delhi. 

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New Delhi: In the last 24 hours, five states and Union Territories, including Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka have witnessed 58 percent of new deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Union Health Ministry. 

During a press briefing on the COVID-19 situation in the country, Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary, Union Health Ministry, on Tuesday (October 27) said that during the festival season, cases have increased in Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi. 

Notably, COVID-19 cases have started increasing rapidly in Delhi, which is currently at number five.

The Union Health Secretary said, “It took us 57 days to register a recovery of 10 lakhs from 1 lakh. However, the latest 10 lakh recoveries have been achieved in 13 days which is a satisfactory sign.”

Rajesh Bhushan said that there has been a continuous decline in average daily new deaths for the last five weeks, adding that “recovery rate is now at 90.62 percent in the country, it is constantly increasing which is a good sign.”

Rajesh Bhushan further said that 78 percent of active cases are present in 10 states and Union Territories.

Dr VK Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog, said that even countries of much greater economic capability, per capita income and good health system can succumb to a huge second peak is a lesson for all of us, adding “We are very fortunate that our trend is in the opposite direction.”

Paul further said that “looking for a super-spreading event in the case of an individual positive case is an important area of our work. Super-spreading events happen when we are together not only in very large numbers but also in medium numbers. So, a super-spreading event must be avoided.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) today issued an order to extend the guidelines for re-opening, issued on September 30, 2020, to remain in force upto November 30, 2020. The MHA said that lockdown will continue to be implemented strictly in the containment zones till 30th November.

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