The verbal attack comes days after eight police personnel were killed during a raid which was carried in the wee hours of July 3 to arrest Dubey and his gang members in Kanpur. 

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The Shiv Sena on Monday targetted the Uttar Pradesh government and warned that gangster and notorious history-sheeter Vikas Dubey shouldn’t become ‘Dawood Ibrahim of Nepal’ for India. In an editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, the party asked the Yogi Adityanath government on why Dubey’s name wasn’t included in the list of the government.

The verbal attack comes days after eight police personnel were killed during a raid which was carried in the wee hours of July 3 to arrest Dubey and his gang members in Kanpur. 

It said that after it was suspected that Dubey fleed to Nepal, the Uttar Pradesh Police is reported to have sealed the boundaries there. “India’s border with Nepal, however, has always been a concern in such cases. At the moment, our relations with Nepal are also not good. In this perspective, Vikas Dubey shouldn’t prove to be ‘Dawood of Nepal’ for us tomorrow!” wrote the mouthpiece.

Such incidents in Uttar Pradesh continues to influence the national capital, Delhi and the financial capital, Mumbai. Therefore, the Kanpur Police massacre is a matter of grave concern, it added. “It has been more than three years since the Yogi government came to power in Uttar Pradesh. During this period, the police had ‘encounters’ of more than 113 goons, but how did the name Vikas Dubey get dropped in it? He has more than 40 serious crimes like murder, robbery and robbery. But how did he survive due to lack of evidence? How did the police become witnesses on his behalf? Is the list of encounters being prepared according to the convenience of Uttar Pradesh Police and Government? If someone makes such an allegation, what does the Yogi government have to say on this?” questioned the mouthpiece.

“In fact, the July 2 police assassination confirms these allegations. Today eight policemen are killed and tomorrow the lives of those making the list may also be in danger…Today, goons who work for one faction can also work for another group tomorrow,” it said.

“Police have detained one of Dubey’s accomplices. Claims are being made that Vikas Dubey will also soon be caught. However, the Kanpur police massacre has exposed the ‘encounter specialist’ government of Uttar Pradesh. This massacre has brought a sad reminder of the Nathuapur police massacre of Uttar Pradesh in the early 1990s. 11 policemen were killed in that encounter against the Chitra Ram gang. In this, all the policemen of Aliganj police station were killed. Four decades later, eight policemen of the Chaubepur police of Kanpur were killed in the firing of the Vikas Dubey gang. Even after 40 years, if goons can kill policemen in Uttar Pradesh in this way, then what change did Yogi Maharaj bring in Uttar Pradesh?” said Saamana further.

“Today the public is closed in the coronavirus lockdown. Will you have to be in lockdown tomorrow to be safe from the goons? Such a question is in the minds of the people there. The questions are many, which have to be answered by the Yogi government because Uttar Pradesh is called Uttam Pradesh. Uttam Pradesh was soaked in the blood of the police. This is a shock to the country!” it also said.

The Uttar Pradesh Police has raised the price money on Dubey from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. The UP Police said it will seize illegal properties and money in Vikas Dubey’s bank accounts under the Gangsters Act, following which Lucknow Police seized the vehicles parked at his residence in Lucknow.

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