In a major violation of Centre’s COVID-19 norms, videos of at least dead bodies of COVID-19 victim being dumped in a large pit in Karnataka has come to fore triggering public outrage.

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Bellary: In a major violation of Centre’s COVID-19 norms, videos showing health workers dumping dead bodies of 8 COVID-19 victims in a large pit in Karnataka has come to fore triggering public outrage.

This incident took place in the outskirts of Bellary district of Karnataka.
The matter came to light after disturbing visuals of the dead bodies being dumped in Bellary went viral on the social media platforms. The videos show health workers burying inappropriately some bodies of COVID-19 victims in a large pit allegedly in Bellari district in Karnataka.

In the video, the health workers wearing personal protection equipment are seen bringing bodies in black sheets from a vehicle parked nearby and dropping one after another into the large pit, dug up with the help of an earthmover.

An inquiry has been ordered in connection with the incident. Sharing more details, DC Bellary SS Nakul said, “There are increasing cases in Bellary. Till yesterday afternoon there are 23 deaths reported and after that 5.”

“We are following the body management SOPS issued by the govt of India for disposing of the bodies. Body bags and other things are used. There are videos that have been circulating on social media, which had come to our notice. We have assigned ADC to inquire about that. He will be enquiring that as the nodal officer,” he said.

DC Bellary further said, “We are inquiring into this. If you look at the video, the body is packaged properly. We need to look at it through humanitarian grounds. That’s why this inquiry. We need to create awareness about this. Action will be taken. SOPs do not list this part of the cremation. But on humanitarian grounds, this is not done, individual cremation must be done. We will conduct the inquiry and thus take action.’’

He added that they have deployed several ASHA workers to create awareness and help with early detection of cases. 

“Those with comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and more must be careful. If you have any symptoms like fever and cough, please report to the Taluk hospital,” the DC Bellary said.

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